Volume 5: Reading Indigenous Australian Texts (2005) Part 1

Indigenous people continue to make a very visible contribution to the production of the arts in Australia. Indigenous texts, which convene a non-indigenous audience (in addition to indigenous audiences), perform crucial work in brokering new configurations of intersubjectivity. These essays, which span two editions of Altitude, mount close readings of indigenous literature and song, ranging over the genres of life story, poetry, the novel, drama, country and western and traditional song. They extend our understanding of the significance and transformation of these genres and their impact on a range of difference audiences.


Jacqueline Lo, Tropes of Ambivalence in Bran Nue Dae
Jennifer Jones, As Long as She Got Her Voice: How Cross-Cultural Collaboration Shapes Aboriginal Textuality:
Angeline O’Neill, Navigating through time in Bulmurn, a Swan River Nyoongar:
Penny van Toorn, Re-historicising ‘Racism’: Language, History and Healing in Wayne King’s ‘Black Hours’:
Anne Brewster, Fractured conversations: indigenous literature and white readers. A reading of the poetry of Lisa Bellear:

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