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Medicine – a science that includes the continuously expanding luggage device information of the human body. Given such a large volume of material, the doctors are divided by specialization.

The History of Federal Medical Jobs

Occupation physician has its roots as far back as the prehistoric period to the primitive people. Ongoing excavations prove that people were able to treat fractures and even held a very successful surgery: craniotomy. In those days, the doctor not only treated, but also to communicate with the spirits, he conjured and sacrificed. In a word, he acted as priest.

With each stage in the history of mankind, medicine has developed rapidly. New knowledge, methods of treatment and diagnosis of various diseases appeared. Combined all the knowledge together and became the forefather of the profession, the great ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. It was he who began to classify diseases, based not only on their localization, but also on the causes. The scientist was able to distinguish various processes and created the well-known oath of Hippocrates.

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After the fall of Ancient Greece, medicine for some time undergoes decline, but then rises again. The industry is developing rapidly, gradually doctors begin to perform operations and autopsies in order to understand the structure of the human body. Development lasts until the Middle Ages. At this time, healing is prohibited by the Inquisition. But this did not stop its development in the countries of the East, where whole medical schools were opened, where experienced physicians wrote books and shared their experiences with students.

In the Renaissance medicine returns Europe. Given the lack of personal hygiene, many people were sick and dying from the most simple abscesses. It was not until the advent of penicillin. Modern doctor – a generalist who knows the symptoms, is able to inspect and diagnose correctly. Medicine developed and includes hundreds of diagnostic methods. The medical profession – a respected and honorable occupation. After all, modern doctors save lives constantly.

Federal Medical Job Description

Profession of doctor is very broad and captures a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge. Each specialist has basic responsibilities:

  • examination of patients, medical history. These procedures make it possible to find out the symptoms;
  • purpose of laboratory tests. To identify deviations, by which to judge the presence of bacteria or inflammation;
  • diagnosis based on the collected data. There are important knowledge and the ability to distinguish between often very similar to the manifestations of the disease;
  • treatment assignment. This could be as a course of drugs and surgery. Usually these methods combine with hardware or physical therapy procedures.

All these processes are fundamental in determining the activity of specialist. Every doctor which obtaining the diploma have to say the Hippocratic oath. He agrees to help and not hurt people, not to disclose information about their illnesses and more. Oath of changes over time, and improved according to the moral and ethical norms of society.

The medical profession requires a few basic types of activities:

  • Therapeutic focus. These are specialists who administer patients and prescribe conservative (drug) treatment or are referred to the surgical department;
  • Surgical focus. These specialists conduct surgical interventions in order to eliminate pathological zones and processes of the human body. This is done to save the patient’s life;
  • Pathological activity. Work with the dead in order to identify the causes of death;
  • Psychological activity. Work with manifestations of emotions, both standard and pathological.

There are a huge number of specializations in medical practice in the world, but every doctor should remember: the patient is above all.

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What Specialties to Study

In order to become a doctor, it is important to choose one of the health professions in the respective university. The most popular ones are:

  • Medicine;
  • pediatrics;
  • dentistry;

The choice of activities depends on what doctor you want to be and what to do in their lifetime.

Federal Specializations

Physician duties fairly wide spectrum. It depends on the chosen direction.

  • Therapists work with people in polyclinics and hospitals. They do not carry out operations and is mainly a medication, procedure or treatment hardware. Their duties include inspection, diagnosis, and treatment assignment.
  • Surgeons These are specialists who eliminate the source of the disease by a radical method – by conducting surgery. They study much longer than other specialists, because their work requires knowledge and accuracy.
  • Pathologists work with the dead. Their duties include daily autopsy to identify the causes that could lead to the death of the patient.
  • Psychiatry and psychology. This is work with mental processes, emotional states and mental disorders. Basically, thinking and the speech apparatus are involved. It is important to examine, understand the cause and prescribe an effective treatment. This is a subtle science, and diseases have very similar symptoms.

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Who is the Profession of a Doctor Suitable for?

A doctor is first and foremost a smart person with a good memory. He always strives for excellence and gains new knowledge. After all, medicine does not stand still. It is important that the doctor has high resistance to stress, especially if you have chosen surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics or psychiatry. The doctor must be honest and be able to quickly make decisions in critical situations. After all, procrastination can cost a sick person life. Also, the physician should be able to explain the essence of the problem to the patient, calm and interpret the importance of treatment.

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